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EcoLite AAC Blocks

    We deal with Ecolite - Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks, an ideal substitute for bricks in wall masonry. It is as per IS 2185 III

    At Ecolite unterstanding each of your unique demands and to help identify new opportunities for better constructoin 'value', Ecolite offers you a solution that precisely addresses your specific needs - needs tahat make way for gains.

    Gains that can change your life forever.

    Ecolite AAC blocks make an excellent building material because of its outstanding thermal properties, superior fire resistance and excellent acoustical absorbing abilities.

    Ecolite blocks are light weight, easy to work with, versatile in nature and extremely durable.

    Ecolite blocks consist of Quartz(Silica and PFA) which is the largest of the dry material involved. The silica along with the cement and lime mixture reacts with the aluminium to form the millions of tiny cells that give Ecolit blocks its unique properties.

    Ecolite blocks Applications

    • Residential
    • Hospitality: Hotels, Motels and Restaurants
    • Retail and warehouses, Cold stroages
    • Industrial
    • Office/Commercial Buildings
    • Educational Institutions
    • Medical clinics and hospitals
    • Bungalows
    • Special purpose applicatoin such as fire walls and sound walls.


    • Reduced energy consumption in production
    • Manufacturing proces emits no pollutants or crates toxic waste prducts.
    • Manufactured from common, abundant materials.
    • Lighter weight compared to other materials leads to significant reductions in CO2 emission s during transportation.
    • excellent thermal efficiency sharply reduces the time for space heating/Cooling in buildings, saving precious energy.
    • Easy workability allows accurate cutting that minimizes the generation of solid waste during use.

    Technical Specifications

    Particulars Units Sizes
    Size mm 625 X 240 X thickness
    Thickness mm 50,75,100,125,150,200,230 - 300
    Compressive Strength N/m2 3.5 - 4.0 ( IS 2185)
    Normal Dry Density Kg/m3 550 - 650
    Sound Absorption dB Upto 42
    Fire Resistance Hrs. 4*
    Thermal Conductivity ‘K’ w/m2k 0.16
    Thermal Resistance K-m2/W 0.46
    Heat Transmission Coefficient ‘u’ w/m2k 2.17
    Drying Shrinkage % 0.04% (of the length of block)

    * For 200mm thick wall

    Rate Analysis of 100 Sq. feet of Masonry Wall

      AAC Ecolite RCB
    Item Benefits From QTY Amount QTY Amount
    Quantity NIL 60nos x 138 8280 1200 x 45 5400
    Cement 2,5,7,8,9 1 x 280 280 3 x 280 840
    Sand 7,8,9 7.2 cft x 35 256 21.6cft x 35 756
    Steel 4 NIL 1800
    External Plaster 2,7 Single coat 1000 Double coat 1800
    Internal Plaster 2,9 NIL 1000
    Labour(lifting and lying) 5,6   400   800
      9570   9517


    No. AAC RCB
    1 Composition: Silica, Pfa, cement and lime, water. Since pfa percentage is 60%, it is green products. Composition: No silica or pfc or cement made of ordinary black soil.
    2 Manufactured in controlled atmosphere with the help of high quality computerized mixtures, wire cutting technology, steam curing, etc. which gives accurate sized, homogenous, quality product. Manufactured in open yard, no computerized mixtures, no steam curing, no accuracy in sizes, no homogenous surface, quality not assured.
    3 Due to steam curing product becomes inert so can take more load. Ordinary fire curing. Product is not inert.
    4 Since blocks are light in weight, load on structure is reduced and consumption of steel in structure can come down. Since bricks are heavy in weight, load on structure is not reduced and consumption of steel do not come down.
    5 Due to bigger size of blocks, walls are erected in shorter time. Since size are small, wall construction takes more time.
    6 Since blocks are light in weight, more blocks can be shifted from ground floor to upper floors which saves time and labour cost also. SInce bricks are heavy, in weight, less bricks can be shifted from ground floor to upper floors. Can not save time and labour cost.
    7 Due to accuracy in size and homogenous surfaces, only one coat external plaster (12 mm) is sufficient, which saves substantial cost of cement, sand, labour and time. Since these bricks are not accurate in size and surface is not homogenous, two coats of plaster(12mm+6mm) are required, which increases cost of production.
    8 Mortar required for filling of gaps between two vertical and horizontal blocks is less which again saves material, time and labour cost. Compared to aac blocks more mortar is required for filling gaps between two vertifcal and horizontal blocks so construction cost goes up.
    9 Variation in size(+/-) 1.5mm Variation in size(+/-) 5mm
    10 Compressive strength up to 3.5/mm sq Compressive strength up to 4N/mm sq
    11 Dry Density 550-650 kg/cbm. Dry Density approx 1950 kg/cbm
    12 Wet density approx 800 kg/cbm. Wet density approx 2400 kg/cbm.