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Entasafe Steel Doors

    About Entasafe Doors

    Entasafe main door is launched in india by Sahyadri industies limited, Pune. Entasafe is available in various shades and styles and designed to compliment the style of modern flats and bungalows. Entasafe doors are supplied and installed alongwith frame and all door accessories, so no additional costs to you for frame & door accessories.

    Entasafe is a premium Anti-theft door, since it provides superior security with outstanding looks, one of the highest criterion ever applied when it comes to buying main doors. Made from pre-treated steel, It gives almost 3 times more resistance to deformation than wooden doors.

    Entasafe comes with increased rigidity and is a companion for a lifetime. Being factory made, they bring with it a top class, extreme precision as the company is very careful in choosing good quality raw material, quality processes and crafting, before it is sent for despatch.

    Entasafe 'Ready to fix' main doors. Irresistible features, stylish looks, attractive finish, strong & extremely durable. Now, that's what you call a blend of style and strength.

    Available In Size

    Single Door 2100 mm x 960 mm | 2100 mm x 1050 mm
    Twin Door 2100 mm x 960 mm | 2100 mm x 1050 mm
    Door In Door 2100 mm x 1050 mm



    Available In Size

    Single Door 2100 mm x 960 mm | 2100 mm x 1050 mm
    Twin Door 2100 mm x 960 mm | 2100 mm x 1050 mm
    Door In Door 2100 mm x 1050 mm


    • Entasafe is Strong, durable & beautiful. Offers complete security against theft, Burglary(Almost impossible to breck open.
    • Comes alongwith door frame and all door accessories like hinges, eye viewer, etc., thus ensuring an hassle free purchase & installation.
    • Can withstand different weather conditions. Does not shrink, expand or warp during monsoon, like the traditional wooden door.
    • Comes with a '3 Way multipoint locking' System.
    • Resistant to fire, heat and Borer Infestation
    • Very easy to fix or install
    • Virtually maintenance-free.

    Technical Specification

    • The thickness of the steel plate in the frame is ranging from 1 to 1.6mm. The thickness of the shutter is ranging from 0.6 to 0.8 mm.
    • The weight of the single door is 60 to 65 kgs., and of double door is 80 to 85 kgs.
    • The product at present is manufactured in South Korea, but is soon expecting to start manufacturing the same in India.
    • As there is no effect of termites, wrapping and other seasonal changes, the life of the door is more than 25 years.
    • The coating on the doors is a special type of a coating (heat transfer film), which is resistant to scratches and bruises.
    • Three-way door lock has six dimple keys of which duplication is not possible.
    • Door is made up of CREDD grade steel but with wooden finish on it. In short it has all the strength of steel and beauty and richness of a veneered/wood-finished door. Since entasafe door comes with all integrated solutions i.e. in built frame, in built lock and other accessories reliability and durability of the product is much higher as compared to other traditional doors where every component is separately fixed. After fixing up of any Entasafe doors, you easily do away with fixing up of an additional grill, which not only cost you more but also spoil the beauty of your home. The three way locking ensures maximum protection against breaks inns through intruders.
    • CREDD is a type of steel, which is used for specialty applications like automobiles light weight structures. At the same time it has inherent properties of strength and durability.
    • In shutter between two steel plates, there is a filler material called honeycomb. Honeycomb is made up of fibrous material, which helped them to give strength and at the same time it can withstand heavy impact. It is also environment friend and does not emit effluence (toxins) in the air when in contact with fire.