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    Bring home one of the most advanced technologies in construction - Birla White Kool-n-Seal. It is a revolutionary coating material, which outperforms every other traditional option. When applied on the roof or exterior walls, its unique formulation cools the building interiors, reducing the need for air conditioning and cutting your electricity bills. In addition, Kool-n-Seal also seals minor cracks in the surface and helps arrest seepage. Unlike other coating materials, it can be easily applied in the form of slurry with a brush. That's why, it is ideal for roofs, terraces, water tanks, cracks in parapet walls and water pipes.


    • Protection from heat: Kool-n-Seal is a superior UV resistant coating, which when applied on the flat-roof surface, reflects the heat and reduces the indoor temperature by 4-5 centigrade. When applied on water tanks, it prevents excessive heating of water during summers.
    • Protection from water-related damages: Kool-n-Seal reflects the heat incident on the roof, thus preventing the occurrence of cracks due to expansion. This ensures enhanced durability of the roof surface and RCC slab. It also covers hairline cracks on the surface and ensures that water doesn't seep in through the walls and ceiling. Thus, it protects the structure from water-related damages (like rusting of steel in RCC slab).
    • Best value for your money: Kool-n-Seal brings you two strong benefits in a single product and that too, at a reasonable price.


    • New and existing concrete roof/terrace of buildings.
    • Asbestos cement sheets/walls.
    • Water-tanks, cracks in parapet walls, and the attachment of
      roof-membranes to parapet walls.
    • Garages, water pipes, cinema halls, pavements, cold storages and barracks.

    How To Use

    • Simple To Apply (DIY i.e. DO-it-yourself applications).
    • Two Coats to be applied with the help of a simple paint-brush.
    • Costs you approx. Rs. 10 per sq. ft. and lasts for about 4-5 years, if maintained well.
    • Can be applied on different types of surfaces like New & Old Roofs, Asbestos cement sheets, Water-Tnks, Roof penetrations, Parapet Walls, Attachment of Roof membrane to parapet Walls, Water Pipes, Cold Storages, Canals etc.
    Product Specifications - Kool-n-Seal
    Properties Kool-n-Seal Refrence Values  
    Tensile Adhesion Strength
    (pull off) (n/mm²) @ 28 days
    > 2.0 > 0.5 N/mm²
    Bond Strength (Kg/Cm²)
    Normal Stress@1.5kg/cm²
    Water Impermiability
    (Against Hydrostatic Pressure) (Bar)
    7-9 > 1.5 bar

    Crack Bridging (MM)
    On 16x1x4 Substrate

    0.4-0.6 > 0.4 mm

    Abrasion Resistance
    (10x10 Cement Board)

    60-80 <1000 MM³
    Water Absorption Coefficient
    (Kg/M² H½)

    Coefficient of Thermal Expension (%)


    Flexural Tensile Strength
    8.0-9.0 > 0.8N/MM²

    The information given above is for general guidance only. Specific instructions for various site conditions can be provided on demand.  

    Area of Application

    • Residential buildings, commercial complex, basements, parking areas etc.
    • SuperStucco can be directly used on surfaces made from fly ash bricks, concrete blocks, AAC blocks etc.
    • FoamFinishedconcrete (dense smootbcbncrete)whichhas lessundulation.'n suchcases, plasteringis not required .
    • In the case of ordinary claibri.s:ks.or hollow blocks,where the undulation is high, plastering is essential over which stucco '!lay be applied upto 2 to 4 mmthickness depending on base plaster.
    • Repairs and renovati9ffof old concrete and plastered surfaces

    Surface Preparation

    Thebase surface shouldbe cured properly priorto the applicationof SuperStucco.Itmustbe cleaned thoroughly, with no loose particles or dust. The surface must be structurallysound, clean and free from dirt, oil, grease, efAorescenceor any other contaminantthat couldimpairthe natural bond. Surfacedefectssuchas cracks,holes or voids should be repaired prior to application. The base surface should also be in-line& leveled before the applicationof SuperStucco.

    Pre-Wetting of the Substrate

    It is essential to ~et the surface properly before application of SuperStucco. This ensures easy workability, higher coverage and higher bonding strength with the surface.


    • It isvery importantthat UltraTechSuperStuccoisthoroughlymixedwithwater before use. Itisadvisable to use a mechanical stirrer for uniform and thorough mixing. This also saves time, labour and ensures maximum workability.
    • Take a clean vessel or bucketwithoutany holes or cuts. Pour some water in itto ensure that no powder gets stuckto the bottom. Add the required quantity of UltraTech SuperStucco.
    • Mixing Ratio - The amount of clean potable water required is approximately 25% to 30% of the weight of the powder, depending upon the thickness of the product to be applied. Water is to be incrementally added in stages, to get a smooth, uniform,workable mix.Allow ample time for initialmixing.
    • Ensurethat no powder isleftunmixedat the bottomof the vessel.TheSuperStuccoisnow ready for application.
    • Special care must be taken in case of manual mixing to ensure thorough and uniform mix of


    • Prepare only the required quantity of SuperStucco and use it within 2 to 3 hours mixing with water. Do
      not add extra water


    Under normal conditions, the coverage from a 40 Kg bag of SuperStuccois approximately 1O sq. m.for an average thicknessof 3 mm.The coverage area however will depend upon the quality of the and thicknessof the material used.


    UltraTechSuperStucco should be stored in a cool, dry place. Storage life is 6 months.

    Note :

    • The usage of stucco or any application based product is usually decided in the planning stage, of a new construction. In the case of repair/rehabilitation segment, the plastering is usually removed and the walls are strengthened. Here, the stucco may be directly used and painting can be done subsequently. Hence, stucco becomes an economical option.
    • For best results, the correct tools for mixing and application are desirable. This will result in higher coverage along with time and manpower savings.