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    PowerGrout is a cement-based material consisting of OPC cement, addtives and graded sand. It is a ready to use dry powder, Grey in colour, free flowing. The product is designed to provide high-early strength in very short span of time by mixing optimum quantity of water.


    PowerGrout is used as precision grouting material with high-earlly strength, suitable where early application of load is required or speedy installation of grouting is required like base plate of turbines, compressors, umps, anchor and foundation bolts, fence posts, etc. It can also be used for general grouting purpose in construction such as patch/crack filling, road repairs, quick fixing of window and door hole-pass, insulator jointing material, etc.


    • Ready to use with moisture proof packing
    • Gives non-bbleeding homogeneous mas
    • Enhanced worability (Pot life)gives more time for application
    • No Expansion/shrinkage in grout ensuring reliablity
    • Develops high-early strength within 24 hours
    • Non-expansive
    • Requires less curing
    • Better consistency, durability and high ultimate strength ensures quality
    • Self compacting obviates the need of vibration
    Technical Specifications and Properties of PowerGrout
    1 Appearance Powder
    2 Colour Grey
    3 Particle Size < 300 micron
    4 Water demand 19+1%(Flowable)
    20+1% (Pourable)
    5 Pot life(Workability) 1 Hour
    6 Setting Time 3-4 Hours
    Compressive Strength with Addition of Aggregates(Mpa)
    Age (Days) Compressive Strength(N/mm2) W/P: 0.13% of aggregates (IS:516-1959)
    50% 75% 100%
    1 30 38 42
    3 50 53 57
    7 62 63 66
    28 68 73 78
    Tensile Strength
    (W/P - 0.18)
    35-50 KN @ 3 Days
    94-102 KN @ 7 Days
    Pullout Bond Strength
    (W/P - 0.18)
    10-12 N/mm2 @ 7 days
    Fresh Wet Density 2150-2250 kg/m3 Depending on actual consistency used.

    Surface Preparation

    Application surface should be free from any loose particles, dust, and rust. Also surface must be free from oil or grease material. Hammer out the loose material on the surface of applications.

    Consistency of grout mix

    To achieve proper consistency of the material approx. 8 + 0.4 liter of clean water should be added to a 40 kg bag.


    • PowerGrout powder is initially mixed with 90% of the recommended water ratio for 4-5 minutes in mechanical mixer and thereafter add remaning 10% of water and mix it thoroughly for 2-3 minutes to obtain homogeneous mass.
    • It is advisable to use a mechanical mixer for uniform and thorought mixing which saves time, labour and ensures maximum workability.
    • More time may be require to mix manualy, by using the same percentage of water, to prepare the mix.
    • No extra water should be added to the mix.
    • The grout mixture should be applied within 1 hour of preparation time.

    Method of Application

    Manual/injection method can be used for application.
    For best results remove loose material from the substrate surface and homogeneous mass will be applied with or without vibration, Ensure removal of voids within the material applied.
    Cleans the excess material immediately, if any and can reuse within workability time(i.e one hour).


    • Power Grout does not contain toxic materials, still care should be taken to avoid dust inhalation while handling and mixing.
    • In case of contact with eyes or face, wash with plenty of clean water.
    • Mixing of water with powder should be done homogeneously.
    • Clean well all the surfaces of mechanical mixer, injection and related tools after mixing before hardening of mortar.
    • Do not use the grout material at temperature lower than 5 centigrade.
    • Must use powergrout before its shelf life.