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    weber crete is an acrylic additive effectively used as a waterproof and a damproof coating for concrete structures.


    • It is used for structural repairs of concrete structures.
    • It can be used for internal as well as external applications.It improves the workability of mixes.
    • Non toxic, suitable for use in potable water.
    • It makes the structure impermeable to liquids.
    • It improves the overall performance of the cementitious mixes with respect to flexural strength, adhesion, durability and water resistance.

    Areas of Application

    Any structural concrete surface.


    20 litre drum, 5 litre and 1 litre bottle.


    Milky White

    Technical Parameter

    Solid Content 40 %
    Secific Gravity 1.03 gm/cc @ 25 celcius +/- 0.01
    pH 8-11
    Pot life-Cement Slurry 10 mm to 50mm

    Direction Of Use

    • The surface on which the application is to be done should be sound and free from any contaminants.
    • The loose particles can be removed using high pressure water jet, mechanical wire brushing or any other method.
    • Expose the spalled concrete upto the reinforcement bars. Corroded reinforcement bars should be exposed around its full circumference, should then be cleaned to remove all the loose particles and should be treated with an anti-corrosive product.
    • Apply weber sbr as a bonding agent between the exiting substrate and the polymer modified mortar. For technical details of weber sbr kindly refer the technical data sheet.

    Standard Mix

    Cement 50 Kg
    Zone II sand 150 Kg
    weber crete XL 7-10 Ltrs.
    Water 7-10 Ltrs


    2kg / sqft @ 10mm thickness