Corrugated Sheets FAQ
  1. What are the considerations for laying and fixing of Corrugated Sheets?
  A. Following are some of the considerations for laying and fixing of Corrugated Sheets:
  • The roof plan should be simple.
  • Sheets should be of standard lengths.
  • The pitch of the roof should not be less than 18o.
  • Ridge purlin should be 75 mm to 115 mm from apex.
  • Unsupported over hang should not be more than 300 mm.
  • Sheets should be mitred before fixing and bolt holds should be drilled with the help of a hand drill.
  2. How many types of ridges are available?
  A. Five types of ridges are available:
  • Close Fitting Adjustable Ridges
  • Serrated Adjustable Ridges
  • Plain Winged Adjustable Ridges
  • One Piece Plain Angular Ridge
  • North Light Adjustable Ridges
  3. What are the other types of accessories available?
  A. The other types of accessories available are:
  • North Light Curves / Ventilator Curves
  • Apron Piece
  • Barge Boards
  • 'S' Type Louvres
  • Ridge finial
  • Special Eaves Board
  4. How does an air extractor work?
  A. Working of an Air Extractor is as follows:

The installation procedure of an air extractor is the same as laying of sheets because of the soaker flange sheet's unique design.
  5. What type of gutters are available?
  A. Gutters are available in three shapes, namely:

1. Half Round Gutters
2. Eaves Gutters
3. Valley Gutters

  6. Is there any material equivalent to Fibre/Poly Carbonate transparent sheets?
  A. Swastik provides an equivalent material to Fibre/Poly Carbonate transparent sheets, known as Roof Lights. Roof Lights are used on sloped roofs as well as northlight glazing.

  7. What are the uses of Swastik Cemply Boards (Flat Sheets)?
  A. Swastik Cemply Boards are used for: industrial, commercial and residential construction and interiors. They are also used for fire protected warehouses, assembly halls in schools, theatres, etc.

Interior Applications:
  • Partitions
  • Panelling
  • False Ceiling
  • Mezzanine Flooring
  • Air Conditioning duets
  • Table tops for textile printing
  • Furniture
  • Storage bins
  • Document safe, etc.
Outdoor Applications:
  • Roof panels for resort cottages
  • Back panels for neon lights
  • Sign Boards for outdoor display
  • Side louvres for cooling towers
  • Cold storages, etc.

  8. What are thicknesses available in Swastik Cemply Boards (Flat Sheets)?
  A. The Swastik Cemply Boards (Flat Sheets) are available in size of 8'x4', 6'x4' and 4'x4' and in thickness of 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm.
  9. What are the capacities of Swastik Water Tanks?
  A. Swastik water tanks are available in 2 sizes: 470 litres and 700 litres.

  10. How are water tanks connected?
  A. Water tanks can be connected in a parallel direction with each other for higher storage capacity.
  11. How are Corrugated Sheets and Swastik Swastik Cemply Boards (Flat Sheets) stored and stacked?
  A. Corrugated Sheets: Sheets with smooth side facing up should be stacked on a firm level ground. Each stack will have a polythene or polythene lined gunny bag filled with saw dust, hust or hay bundles in the form of pillows, placed equidistant under it.

Swastik Cemply Boards (Flat Sheets): These sheets should be stacked under cover on firm level ground up to maximum 150 sheets per stack. Hay or husk can be spread below the stack.