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Fine Putty

    Birla White Wallcare putty is a white cement based putty. It provides a protective base for your expensive paints. It's superior water resisting properties prevent the paint from flaking even if the walls are damp. It's used to fill fine pores in walls and ceilings, so you get the smooth, dry surface that's so essential for painting. Birla white wallcare putty has better water-resistance, adhesive strength and durability than ordinary putties. Being cement based it has better compatibility with the base plaster and forms a durable base for paints. It can be applied on both, interior and exterior walls. Making it a mini-revolution in puties.

    • Avaiable in FINE & COARSE(MATT) finish.
    • Only international standard white cement based putty in india with Water-resistant properties. (HDB- singapore standards.
    • Coarse putty levels the wall surface.
    • Fine Putty provides a thin skim-coat, which acts as a protective base for expensive paint.
    • Packaging Available In 1, 5, 20 and 40 Kg packs.
    • It ensures quality plastering and enhances durability, since it does not have mud or silt.

    Protection to Expensive Paints

    Wall care putty is highly water-resistant hence it does not peel off due to dampness/minor seepages in the wall surface. Thus, it remains strongly adhered to the plastered/concrete wall surface and provides a durable base to the top-coat of expensive paint. Being white-cement based, it is highly compatible with plastered/concrete wall surfaces. After applying, it becomes a part of the wall plaster and this strong bonding makes it all the more durable. Thus, long life of wallcare putty ensures the long-life of expensive paintss applied over it.

    Enhances the beauty of your expensive paints

    Wallcare putty is white-cement based and when applied on plastered surcface, provides a smooth & white skim-coat. It fills the minor cracks/crevices in the plastered wall and smoothens the surface. Being pure white & smooth, it brings-out the true tone/shade of expensive paint applied over it.

    Provides best value for your money

    Wallcare putty is least absorbent of all the options available for skim-coat in india. Being smooth & durable, it reduces the paint consumption by 25-30% as compared to other options available in the market.

    By protecting your expensive paints and retaining its beauty for long, it reduces the re-painting frequency, thus delivering a better life-time value as compared to other products.

    Can be applied on both External as well as Internal Walls

    Birla White wallcare putty is the first cement-based putty in india which is suitable for both external as well as internal walls. If applied on external walls, it fills the minor cracks/crevices in the wall surface and prevents water seepages.