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Level Plast


    Give your walls the distinction of a smooth and glossy finish with Birla White Levelplast. This water-resistant, white cement-based product is perfect for levelling concrete/mortar walls and ceilings especially when there are major undulations. It fills up the fine pores of concrete/mortar walls and ceilings to give a white, smooth and dry surface for painting. A superior substitute for POP and Gypsum, it possesses more adhesive strength and durability, while increasing the life of your paint. This ensures your walls look freshly painted, even after many years.


    • Superior Bonding
    • Durable
    • User-friendly
    • Saves Labour and Time
    • Long Lasting


    • Remove all loosely adhering material and greasy material with a brush/emery stone and wash with water.
    • Mark the undulations with the help of a leveller, and moisten the plastered surface before applying the Levelplast mix.
    • Add clean water to the Levelplast and mix thoroughly with the help of mixing blade/stirrer. The quantity of water should be 25-30% for undulations below 10 mm, and 30-35% for finishing coat (2-3 mm levelling).
    • It is recommended that undulations above 6 mm be done in two steps instead of one go.
    • Check the level and apply Levelplast in patches with the help of a trowel, uniformly in upward directions, to give a patching coat.
    • After the patching coat, apply a uniform coat on the entire wall with the steel/aluminium trowel. It is advisable to keep 4 to 6 hour gap between two coats depending on climatic conditions
    • Apply a finishing coat of Levelplast up to 1 mm to reduce the undulations and leave the surface to dry overnight.
    • It is highly recommended to apply a coat of Birla White Wallcare Putty to get a smooth and glossy finish.

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    • Water Resistant
    • Higher Tensile Adhesion Strength
    • Higher Bond Strength
    • Higher Compressive Strength
    • Superior Whiteness
    • Low Water capillary absorption
    • Does not flakes, when in contact with moisture

    Key Advantages

    • Application on both interior and exterior surface.
    • Bonds best with grey cement plastered surface or RCC surface.
    • No curing required.
    • Water Resistant.
    • No primer required.
    • Does not flake/peel –off/swell when it come in contact with moisture.
    • Can be use on RCC surface, without hacking the RCC surface and as a substitute of plaster.
    Product Specifications - Levelplast
    Parameters Results
    Tensile Adhesion @ 7 days (N/ MM2) for various thickness
    6mm 0.75 - 0.90
    8mm 0.65 - 0.85
    12mm 0.60 - 0.70
    Water Absorption @ 7 days (ML in 30 Minutes)  
    WA 0.40 - 0.60
    Whiteness-% (HW) 93.1
    Pot Life ( minutes) 25-35
    Water Demand -% 25-30

    Setting time by vicat apparatus (Minutes)
    Initial IST
    Final FST


    Thickness (Levelling in one stroke) mm

    Finishing Good

    Moulding Property


    Comp. Strength (N/ MM2) - 28days 17-25
    Mixing Stirrer Mixing
    1st Coat (up to 6mm) Ok
    2nd coat (up to 6mm) Ok
    Wastage % 1 to 2
    Application on Ceiling Yes
    Sag Resistance Yes
    Chalking No