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    Here's an innovation that lets you finish your walls much faster. UltraTech SuperStucco is a versatile facing material that can be applied to any flat or undulating surface and can be used as a base coat for interiors or as final finish for exteriors. Ultratech SuperStucco can be applied directly over smooth concrete surfaces without hacking and generaly requires no curing after application. It even helps level semi-plastered surfaces like interiors walls & ceiling and also acts as an excellent crack filling material for external walls. SuperStucco is applied wet and gradually hardens into a firm solid base. The product is cement based, consisting of highly reactive polymers, filler & processed aggregates.


    • SuperStucco is used as a coating for walls and ceilings
    • Application can be manual or sprayed by machine
    • It can be applied directly on a concrete surface. No hacking is required
    • SuperStucco can be used as a base coat on plasters for interiors that can be painted after 24 hrs
    • Only water needs to be added, easy to mix and application is much faster
    • It has very hight tensile adhesion strength and hense higher bonding with the base material
    • Does not require any water curing
    • Super Stucco is pre-mixed and hense hassle-free, involving no cumbersome mixing of cement and sand at site
    • Mixing is easier and application is much faster
    • The application can be as thin as 2-3mm or as thick 8-10mm, depending upon the requirement
    • Ultratech SuperStucco can be used as a crack filler for external walls, in reparing old plastered surfaces, in repair of shrinkage cracks in parapet walls, in repairs after plumbing/electrical work etc


    • Highly economical. Eliminates the lengthy, cumbersome process of transporting individual.
      materials and mixing on site.
    • Saves time and labour as it comes pre-mixed, requiring only water to be added on site .Consistent and assured quality, as it comes pre-mixed.
    • No water curing required ..No crack formation during drilling or plumbing work Does not flake when in contact with moisture.
    • Cement based, allowing better bonding with the substrate. Allows subsequent application of putty or paint just 24 hours after application. Provides better breathability for walls.
    • Can be applied over moist surfaces, Highly durable, Excellent crack-filling properties.
    Sr No. Properties Super Stucco
    1 Appearance Free flowing powder
    2 Colour Light Grey
    3 Water demand 25-30 %
    4 Workability Very Good
    5 Touch Dry 30 - 40 min
    6 Hard Dry 24 Hrs
    7 Curing Self curing at std. Lab conditions*
    8 Thickness 2 - 6 mm
    9 Tensile Adhesion Test* (15 Days)
                                    (28 Days)
    0.43 N/ mm2
    0.8 N/ mm2
    10 Water absorption, (Karsten Tube) 0.2 ml in 24 hours
    11 Pot life 2 Hours
    12 Shelf Life 6 Months
    * Temperature - 23-27C, Relative Humidity - 45% - 55%

    Area of Application

    • Residential buildings, commercial complex, basements, parking areas etc.
    • SuperStucco can be directly used on surfaces made from fly ash bricks, concrete blocks, AAC blocks etc.
    • Foam finished concrete (dense smooth concrete) which has less undulation.In such cases, plastering is not required .
    • In the case of ordinary clay bricks or hollow blocks,where the undulation is high, plastering is essential over which stucco may be applied upto 2 to 4 mm thickness depending on base plaster.
    • Repairs and renovation of old concrete and plastered surfaces

    Surface Preparation

    The base surface should be cured properly prior to the application of SuperStucco.It must be cleaned thoroughly, with no loose particles or dust. The surface must be structurally sound, clean and free from dirt, oil, grease, efflorescence or any other contaminant that could impair the natural bond. Surface defect ssuch as cracks,holes or voids should be repaired prior to application. The base surface should also be in-line & leveled before the application of SuperStucco.

    Pre-Wetting of the Substrate

    It is essential to wet the surface properly before application of SuperStucco. This ensures easy workability, higher coverage and higher bonding strength with the surface.


    • It is very important that UltraTech SuperStucco is thoroughly mixed with water before use. It is advisable to use a mechanical stirrer for uniform and thorough mixing. This also saves time, labour and ensures maximum workability.
    • Take a clean vessel or bucket without any holes or cuts. Pour some water in itto ensure that no powder gets stuckto the bottom. Add the required quantity of UltraTech SuperStucco.
    • Mixing Ratio - The amount of clean potable water required is approximately 25% to 30% of the weight of the powder, depending upon the thickness of the product to be applied. Water is to be incrementally added in stages, to get a smooth, uniform,workable mix.Allow ample time for initialmixing.
    • Ensure that no powder is left unmixed at the bottom of the vessel. The SuperStucco is now ready for application.
    • Special care must be taken in case of manual mixing to ensure thorough and uniform mix of


    • Prepare only the required quantity of SuperStucco and use it within 2 to 3 hours mixing with water. Do
      not add extra water


    Under normal conditions, the coverage from a 40 Kg bag of SuperStucco is approximately 1O sq. m. for an average thicknessof 3 mm. The coverage area however will depend upon the quality of the and thickness of the material used.


    UltraTech SuperStucco should be stored in a cool, dry place. Storage life is 6 months.

    Note :

    • The usage of stucco or any application based product is usually decided in the planning stage, of a new construction. In the case of repair/rehabilitation segment, the plastering is usually removed and the walls are strengthened. Here, the stucco may be directly used and painting can be done subsequently. Hence, stucco becomes an economical option.
    • For best results, the correct tools for mixing and application are desirable. This will result in higher coverage along with time and manpower savings.