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    About En-Craft UPVC Door & Windows

    ENCRAFT – UPVC doors and windows profiles come from Ajay Industrial Corporation Limited (AICL), which has engineered and introduced a number of PVC products in India and is reputed for its strong work ethic, based on a pioneering spirit and the fundamentals of innovation, perfection, precision and trustworthy engineering specially suited to Indian conditions.

    The Company, AICL has technical collaboration in India with a British company - WHS Halo, a leader in window solutions with expertise in the design and manufacture technically innovative products for the building industry. Company has its own state of art Profile (Lead free) Extrusion plant at Dehradun.

    EN CRAFT UPVC Door and Window profiles range includes 50mm and 62mm profile systems to fabricate variety of casement options, 2-Track and 3-Track Sliding options, fixed options and also with Mosquito mesh options for both Casement and sliding options.

    The advantage of uPVC Door and Windows with EN CRAFT profiles is that it is a non conductor of heat. In addition, the highly efficient sealing system prevents ‘Leakage’ of air. The thermal insulation implies that in summer, it prevents the loss of cool air-conditioned air and in winter, trap warm air inside, effectively maintaining room temperature and reduce energy consumption - be it for cooling or heating.

    EN CRAFT uPVC Door and Window profiles are ideal for Indian conditions as it ensures protection against dust, pest, wind and water. UPVC doors and windows fabricated with EN CRAFT profiles have welded joints and superior seals which are highly effective in blocking noise. Used in conjunction with appropriate glazing, it results in an impermeable barrier that will shut out all ambient sounds, even that of low flying aircrafts, allowing you to decide what you want to listen to.

    UPVC doors and windows with EN CRAFT profiles offer the most up-to-date security locks as well as additional protection devices, and have key Lockable options. The security protective hinges, strong Locking systems internal glazing, steel reinforcement are all designed to keep potential intruders out. These are some of the features that AICL offers in EN CRAFT UPVC Windows & Door.

    EN CRAFT does not use commonly available EPDM gaskets in our windows, which have high sulphur / carbon black content which react with Lead and ozone and deteriorate with time. Instead we have our own FPVC Alloy gaskets developed especially for highly effective insulation and also to last for a very long period without getting brittle or broken over years. These gaskets have been developed in a light grey color to give you a very soothing appearance of the window and are of different variations for different glass applications to meet different requirements of the customer, unlike the EPDM gaskets which is generally same for every window.

    En carft products are 'Leadfree' En Craft is a member of India Green Building Council.


    Our Fabrication unit : SuperWin Technologies

    SuperWin specializes in designing, manufacture and installation of upvc window and door systems. The company offers a delicate combination of style, strength and security in its range of customized contemporary designed products. This combination coupled with its precision in engineering makes superwin an expert in its field. Superwin products conform to various india and british standards.

    Under a technical tie up with Ajay industrial corporattion Ltd., Superwin uses UPVC profiles with the brand name 'En Craft'. These innovatively fabricated profiles are designed to match indian tropical conditions. They are extruded and tested to conform to the most stringent benchmarks.

    SuperWin UPVC Windows and Doors are the most Superior over Wooden-Aluminium-Steel Windows and Doors

    Steel / Aluminum Windows Wooden windows SuperWin UPVC Windows
    Sound Insulation
    No fusion joint only mechanical joints lead to poor sound insulation Poor carpentry and improper sealing lead poor sound insulation Fusion as well as seamless welded, special locking system and epdm gasketlead to excellent sound insulation
    Resistant to Rainfall
    Rain water may enter in & can be eroded Tend to decay or expand due to rain water & rain water may enter in Built in special rain drain system which can be modified for heavy rains
    Resistant to Weather
    Surface finishing starts fading Surface finishing starts fading; need regular repainting or re polishing Intact surface finish due to UV Stabilizer & Heat Stabilizer
    Air Conditioning
    Self good thermal conductor so no saving of electricity Poor conductor of heat but leakage of cold air do occur Poor conductor of heat and its ancillary system can save considerable amount of electricity
    Resistant to Wind
    Clatter in high wind/ vibration resulting into whistling sounds Clatter in high wind/ vibration resulting into whistling sounds Multi chambered profile with steel reinforcement will keep wind and whistling sound outside only
    Resistant to Termite and Borrer
    No termite or borer Termite and borer may attack Free from termite or borer attack
    Characteristic Against Fire
    Neither support combustioner extinguishing Support combustion itself Being naturally flames retardant and in fact it is fire extinguishing itself
    Sunlight & ventilation
    Allow lesser Sunlight & Ventilation due to more No. of members Allow lesser Sunlight & Ventilation due to bigger size of members Allow more Sunlight & Ventilation as smaller sized sections are strengthened with reinforcement inside
    Need painting / re powder coating over certain period Need Painting/ Polishing at regular Interval No regular painting; only routine cleaning
    Conservation of Energy
    Being metal good conductor of heat and leads to lot of energy loss Poor conductor of heat so conserve more energy than aluminum and steel windows & doors Poor conductor of heat, epdm gasket, special locking system and seamless welded joint make it the most energy conservative
    Routine Use
    Improper and cheaper quality hardware which do not last long and itself can be eroded which resulting in operation problem Itself can be affected in rainy season and its conventional hardware can cause in operation problem Itself is inert to any surrounding atmosphere and quality hardware result into very easy and smooth operation anytime

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