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    weber crete is an acrylic additive effectively used as a waterproof and a damproof coating for concrete structures.


    • It is a multipurpose additive used for enhancing the properties of concrete/ mortar mix.
    • It can be used for internal as well as external applications.
    • Non toxic, suitable for use in potable water.
    • It improves the workability of mixes.
    • It makes the structure impermeable to liquids.
    • It provides an excellent bond to the existing substrate.
    • No protection screed is required for this waterproofing system


    • Waterproofing of all concrete structures like terraces,external facades, swimming pools or any other exposed area.
    • It can also be used for internal waterproofing like basement, lift pits, bathrooms etc.
    • Repairs of spalled columns, beams and any other concrete structure for internal as well as external surfaces.
    • It can also be used for bonding of plasters to the existing substrate for external applications.
    • It is used for injection into concrete/rock structures in the form  of cement slurry.


    20 litre drum, 5 litre and 1 litre bottle.


    Milky White

    Technical Parameter

    Solid Content 30 %
    Secific Gravity 1.03 gm/cc @ 25 celcius +/- 0.01
    pH 9-11
    Pot life-Cement Slurry 1 hour at 25 celcius

    Direction Of Use


    • Clean the substrate of oil stains and bond inhibiting compounds. Also remove dirt, dust and laitance, if any,using high pressure water jet or any other suitable method.
    • Surface to be treated with subsequent polymer mortar should be saturated with water
    • APPLICATIONAs a slurry bond coat

    • Surface must be thoroughly dampened before the application and excess water to be removed.
    • weber crete is a ready to use liquid which is directly mixed with cement as per the proportions given in the *recommendation chart to form slurry.
    •  Apply one coat of the slurry using a stiff brush, working it well into the surface.
    • Place the new concrete while the bond coat is a little tacky.
    • As a slurry waterproof coating 

    • Surface must be thoroughly dampened prior to application and   excess water must be removed.
    • Mix weber crete and cement thoroughly as per the proportions given in the recommendation chart. Apply the first coat of slurry using a brush and apply the second coat in the direction perpendicular to the previous coat. Apply the second coat while the first coat is slightly tacky, approximately after 2 hours.
      As a modified concrete repair mortar
    • Expose the spalled concrete upto the reinforcement bars.Corroded reinforcement bars should be exposed around their full circumference. It should then be cleaned to remove all the loose particles and is required to be treated with an anti-corrosive product.
    • Apply weber crete as a bonding agent between the existing and new repair mortar as recommended above.
    • Mix weber crete and water thoroughly in one bucket and mix sand and cement in another bucket as per the proportions given in the *recommendation chart. Then add the liquid mix to the mortar mix and ensure thorough mixing to form slurry. As the bond coat is slightly tacky, apply the slurry mix and build up the entire cross section to be repaired.
    • As a modifier for plasters

    • Mix weber crete, with cement, sand and water as per the *recommendation chart given, in order to obtain a polymer modified plaster.
    • This modified plaster can be used for internal as well as external applications.
    • It can also be used for bonding the plaster to the existing substrate for the internal surfaces.

    Mixing Ratio

    Refer Data Sheets


    Refer Data Sheets